petak, prosinca 12, 2003

How did all begin

In the old days, I was ordinary straight person who works a lot and love science fiction, classic music, read lot of stuff and collect books, films, music and magazines. Then, sometimes in 1992, I discover PC & OS and other stuff, and was hooked up. About year and a half ago, I started on net, and the rest is history. I love to write. Talking and listening to the people and about their problems is my job, but in mid 90's I found myself in the need to create something on my own, to express myself. I started to write poetry, about new age that will become, away from the war, in the warm, humid world where people live in contemplation. Seeking for the love, days of proud and honor, in the tragedy of wisdom, I wait. And I find myself. No rage, no hate anymore. And in my utopian world, I wander if there is someone similar. Few of my friends understood my feelings, symbolism of my words even fewer. So, I decided to learn more. In the literal sense, I sow worse in people, and try to change them. With some success, but always, definitely always, I have a hope that they will find their way of happiness and peace, as I did. Well, so much about my past. And now, something about how did all the fuss begin. I have a friend of a friend, who told me, that in some sense, my poetry and life is a kind of reincarnation of Noebius, 19th century Austrian poet. I find his biography, and, err ... well, there is some similarity. Enough to take his name. (Rest of the name is where I origin from and am proud of.) You see, I would like to create another avatar. First one was Moc, who found his way of life - Moc way. And the other is welcoming you on his creation day. Welcome Noebius 2000, things will never be the same.

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