petak, svibnja 28, 2004

red rose

Today I went for a blid date. I have received a beatiful(unapproriatte) red rose in todays windy day that is finishing now in front of computer alone. And today s friday the day for being laid (????) I am a trier to be exact i believe in trying. Althoug I'd love to go on a date. Unfortunately this person refused a cup of coffee with me so date is sf. We are from two worlds that have a lot in common but we are on the opposite sides of them An I havent's seen him three years. I do not now whether he is a single. My life is going on. For a blind date. Maybe I will go out with a girlfriend and secretly wait for prince charming. There is some oppinions that my quest is in vain. That all man are the same. Well I do not think so. And they are not the same indeed. ONly a piece of advice. Man do not bringt o s woman a red rose on a first. date. White or pink are more appropriate. The red rose grows later. If .... lopticaskocica

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