subota, svibnja 29, 2004

Reminiscence of the present tense

On TV for days is a advertise called «sport against drugs». Everybody know that is not true, if sport is not just a way of recreation. Few weeks ago, my friend and psychiatrist, said : “ Do not listen to me, do not listen to any of our advices… that geriatric stuff could not help you, young man…” On TV talk show that is against any rules. But is he right? Could young people learn anything from us, “old guys”? Recently, I have conversation with one high school student. I just want to chat about life and everything, because there are some similar interests. But “You are old guy, you could be like my father”. So what? Could I talk with people 20 years older or younger? About languages or science? Or just about… fashion? I need to talk to “normal” people, just to find out what is “normal” for younger and what is “normal” for senior people. That way I could help people to understand each other better. I am “go between”. That profession could be tricky. Next problem I find out recently is how to make my friends know each other, because they live tousends kilometars away from each other, in different time zone. People are lonely these days, and look for people with same interest. To be a friend, now is not matter of place, age or look, but matter of similar interest. Sharing… time, ideas, compasion. That is the modern age role. To be with someone, that is a privilege. How to survive in modern global society? Learn and keep in touch. No metter what. Do not eat children of your knowledge. Be when you are needed. And people will find each other, no metter what, no hidden or secret plan. Just be yourself. And together, we could made better place for ourselves. A better globe. Open and different. We will always be different, and we could share our knowledge, passion and freedom. And if we really try, there could be more than only one… But I will allways have one special, deep in my soul. No metter if sometimes I do not have 5 minutes to share, and talk how I feel. Inside, deep inside, there is one special place and I know and I feel.

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